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Location: West Guji
Landed: July 2023
Altitude: 2,000 - 2,300 masl
Varietal: Gibirina 74110, Serto 74112 & Heirloom
Process: Wine natural 
Flavour profile: Prune, blueberry & walnut
Category: Limited & Experimental


Buno Coffee Trading operates as a dedicated exporter, overseeing the operations of seven well-placed washing stations in Guji of Ethiopia's southern expanse.

Situated at an impressive elevation of over 2000 meters above sea level, the area uniquely influences the coffee-growing environment, fostering an ideal setting for the cultivation of exceptional coffee. The presence of vibrant, young coffee trees adds to this appeal, as their gradual maturation process contributes to the development of coffee beans known for their distinct and delightful flavours. Shade is provided by Cordia Africana, Acacia, and Albizzia trees which not only protects the coffee plants but also adds to the unique character of this lot.

Inaugurated in 2018, Buno Coffee Trading embarked on its journey under the leadership of Mr. Abiyot. He oversees the selection of partner farmers, the cherry processing, and the drying practices, ensuring a meticulous approach to quality. Buno's focus on collaborating with farmers who tend to plots ranging from 8 to 15 hectares enables a more manageable quality improvement process and the creation of individual micro-lots that highlight each producer's distinct touch.

Buno supports farmers during the off-season by extending a credit line for harvest-related expenses, a loan that is deducted interest-free from their final payment upon cherry selection. The story of this exceptional lot is the result of nine skilled farmers, each overseeing an average of six hectares, those farmers are young and willing to explore different ways of processing coffees; in this case they shared the gamble on processing part of their production in what is called Wine Process.


A rough outline of the process is described below:

  • Cherry Over-ripening: Cherries are intentionally left on the shrubs to over-ripen, accumulating higher sugar levels.
  • Harvesting: Fully overripe cherries are hand-picked from the shrubs.
  • Sun-Drying: Cherries are spread in sunlight during the day and stored in tubs at night.
  • Extended Fermentation: Cherries undergo a patient 30 to 60 days of fermentation.
  • Transition to Raisins: Cherries transform into raisin-like consistency.
  • Depulping: Beans are gently removed from cherries using a depulper machine.
  • Post-Depulping Drying: Beans are dried again to reduce moisture.
  • Ideal Moisture Content: Beans are monitored until moisture reaches 12-14%.
  • Unique Cup Profile: Resultant coffee boasts a fruity flavour with a wine-like fermentation nuance.


The wine process unfolds with careful timing and attention, resulting in a distinct coffee cup that captures the essence of both nature and craftsmanship. Buno acknowledges their hard work by offering a much higher price for the coffee, in a reflection of their valued contribution.

Amidst this lush region, coffee thrives beneath the sheltering canopy of native shade trees, including the resilient Acacia and Wanza. The soil is a blend of volcanic fertile red soil and deep sandy loam contributes to the rich nurturing of these coffee dreams.

Since its establishment in 2005, the washing station has remained a consistent emblem of quality under the attentive management of Abiyot Boru, who has successfully guided its operations for a decade.


(In partnership with Falcon Coffees)