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PALO BLANCO, GUATEMALA (one producer serie)
PALO BLANCO, GUATEMALA (one producer serie)

PALO BLANCO, GUATEMALA (one producer serie)

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Producer: Ivan Ovalle
Location: Huehuetenango 
Altitude: 1,500 - 2,000 masl
Cultivar: Caturra & Bourbon
Process: Fully washed
Flavour profile: Pineapple & caramel

Palo Blanco was purchased by Ivan’s grandfather over 80 years ago. Before the
“street” he used to have to arrive in mule. Ivan took over the farm in 1990. He is
focused on quality. Don Aller is the farm manager and manages both of Ivan’s farms.
Ivan takes a natural approach to growing.

Ivan’s nursery is located at his other farm, Peñon de la Fe (Mountain of Faith) which
grows all of the plants at Palo Blanco. They do not use any time of grafting method.
The varietals are pure. He renews each lot focusing on reproducing the best plants in
a given lot. He hasn’t like the the bourbon criollo with another varietal. He plans to
keep the varietals the same unless there is an issue.
The main pest has been ojo de Gallo (Rooster Eye) & leaf rust but not such a
problem given the altitude. A manual system to control weeds using a machete is
used. The fertilisation plan is implemented before and after flowering using natural
growth hormones and amino acids. The flowering occurs in April and May.

The soil and leaves are analysed annually.

The farm produces washed, honey and naturals.

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