NEW IN: Nelson Mejia Cordova from PERU & Nova 559 from Northern Province of RWANDA.



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Owner: Agnes Mukamushinja
Location: Gicumbu - North Province
Altitude: 1,800 -2,000 masl.
Cultivar: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural
Flavour profile: Mango lassi & kiwi


The Nova washing station is situated in the Gicumbu district in the north of the country where the high altitudes of 1800-2000 masl and climate make it an ideal location to create natural coffees. This is due to the flat geography of the area in the north allowing for greater sun exposure during the day.

The station is privately owned by Agnes Mukamushinja and there are 1219 farmers farmers in the area who deliver to the station during the harvest from March to June. Cherries delivered to the Nova station and then floated and separated to remove any defective cherries. The coffee is then placed on the raised African beds at about 2cm of thickness where it is dried for up to 30 days with regular turning each hour and covering during at night time.
(In partnership with Falcon Coffees)