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Location: Campo Redondo, Amazonas
Landed: January 2024
Altitude: 1,700 masl.
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Natural
Flavour profile: Cherry yoghurt, grape & violet
Category: Limited & Experimental


This is a very special lot for the whole Cultivar team for several reasons, and we are so exctied to work with them on it. This lot from Wilder Perez represents the reason why Cultivar do what they do. Ever since Cultivar started their goal was to discover the potential Peru had to offer as an origin of Specialty coffee. Cultivar knew there was more to be found than the classic “Peruvian” profile suitable for big blenders and certified buyers, we could not agree with them more, and this lot shows it.

This is the second year Cultivar has bought Geishas from the Amazonas region in Peru, and our second year of working with them on one - you may remember Abel Rodriguez - and we couldn’t be happier. Amazonas is a less known region for high quality lots than its neighbour Cajamarca, it’s usually drier and hotter which makes producing washed coffees a bit more difficult. Also the longer distance to the city of Jaén and the main coffee hubs makes it less frequently visited by technicians and agronomists which in turn leads to less knowledge and advice in good growing/processing practices.

Wilder Perez is a young and ambitious farmer in the Campo Redondo district where producing Geishas in a natural process has become popular. Due to the lack of water and a hotter climate, Campo Redondo provides suitable conditions for less-water intensive processing such as naturals. Wilder was born where he now lives and has been a coffee farmer all his life although it’s only recently that he has gotten into the higher quality coffee game. For him it’s clear the added value from Specialty Coffee can make a difference to his family of 4. The switch from selling his crops locally at lower prices to growing the highest paid variety at the moment (Geisha) in the city of Jaen and accessing different buyers has been massive and he is committed to walk the quality path for the future.

Wilder is very thorough with every step of the processing. He mentions how important it is to select just the ripe cherries off the coffee trees, then he puts these cherries into closed plastic bags for 72 hours after removal of the external elements. Monitoring these closed bags is very important to keep the quality on point so he oversees this process himself to avoid over fermentation and undesired defects. The complex cups Cultivar found this year was a surprise for a producer that has only produced natural Geisha for the second time in his life. It is impressive the fruity and complex flavours found in Wilder’s coffee. Cultivar are super excited to keep working with this region and thus keep improving results and practices. Watch out for this area from Peru in coming years, it will without a doubt produce some of the best lots of the country!

 (In partnership with Cultivar)