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Producer:Hudson Vilela

Location: Illicinea, Minas Gerais
Altitude: 1,250 masl
Cultivar: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Natural
Harvest: May - July
Flavour profile: Stone fruit, milk chocolate & smooth

Alto Da Serra sits at the top of the Illicnea cliffs and has beautiful views across the southern tips of the Cerrado. Hudson has always worked on coffee farms and had always strived to one day own his own. He was lucky enough to acquire Alto Da Serra in and has since gone about making renovations and changes to the farm. Due to the position of the farm at the top of the cliffs the farm is subject to high winds so Hudson has planted numerous wind breaker trees to help protect the crop. During the harvest which is later in August due to the altitude the farm employs 8 pickers who help with the selective picking to get the ripest cherry. One of the major changes was the implementation of static boxes for drying the coffees allowing a more controlled and elongated fermentation and drying process. The coffee is picked and then placed in the boxes initially for 2 days with no air movement to act as a pre-fermentation. The coffee is then blown with cold air which comes from grating at the base of the box, this lasts 3- 4 days which helps to break the fermentation process and let the coffee rest. Then the coffee is switched to warm air for 3 days until the coffee reaches 15% moisture. From here the hot & cold air is alternated every 12 hours until the coffee reaches the desired 11%. Here it is then left to rest before being delivered to the mill. The drying fans for the boxes are powered by the parchment collected from milling the coffees.