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Producer: Ana Cecilia Estevez
Location: Monte La Virgen
Altitude: 1,270 masl.
Cultivar: Catuai
Process: Washed (Organic)
Flavour profile: Guava, strawberry & pear with sparkling acidity
Ana Cecilia Estevez is a coffee producer that lives at the municipality of Corquín Copan, Honduras, C.A. She is 24 years old and a very hard-working person, that all the objectives that she proposes fight to fulfill them. For four years she has been working for the Aruco Company, where she has gained a lot of experience in the area of roast and coffee quality control. In addition to working at The ARUCO Company, is also a partner of the same. There, through its the technical assistance department, she has received support for the preparation of special coffee microlotes. In this process, she has obtained the knowledge to harvest excellent quality coffee and improved her production practices, in order to achieve greater profitability for better personal and family development opportunities. Now, Ana's plot of land, not only has coffee, but has been diversified with timber species, fruit trees, ornamentals and others that beyond beautifying the landscape, provide a more pleasant and conducive ecosystem for the life of wildlife.

Ana dreams about her future and is carrying out that dream towards the conversion of her farm in part of a tourist route that together with the rest of the family can implement, building cabins, trails, spaces for the development of traditional activities such as grinding sugar cane with oxen, spaces for traditional games and above all, design the process of growing, harvesting and benefiting of coffee to show it to those who visit the farm.

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