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Owner: Iyongera Musaruro co-op
Location: Rulindo District
Altitude: 1,776 masl.
Cultivar: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed
Harvest:March - July
Flavour profile: Nectarine, lemon sherbet & syrupy

The station was initially built in 2006 by the Iyongera Musaruro Co-operative who began working with Falcon's sister company RTC in 2014, to help with financial management and production oversight to improve all aspects of the station. The co-op has approximately 500 members and receives cherry from 800 farmers in total from the surrounding area.

During the harvest process, cherry is delivered to the station where it is pulped using a 3 disc Mckinnon pulper before undergoing fermentation in tanks for 12 - 18 hours. After this, the coffee is density sorted in the water grading channels before being dried on one of the 42 raised African beds.

(In partnership with Falcon Specialty)