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Location: Huabal, Jaen, Cajamarca 
Landed: February 2024
Altitude: 1,800 masl
Varietal: Red & Yellow Bourbon
Process: Extended fermentation washed
Flavour profile: Pomegranate, cherry & vanilla 
Category: Fruity & Juicy


Cleber is a young producer raised by a family of coffee producers in the well known area of Huabal in Cajamarca. His father taught him most of the aspects of coffee growing and although these aspects are closer to a more “classic” approach to coffee cultivation, where mucilage was not highly appreciated and was removed as soon as possible by washing the cherries this didn’t discourage Cleber to adapt to new times and fully dedicate himself to more modern ways of understanding fermentation and processing.

Cleber is now very passionate about high end specialty coffee and motivated to get the highest scores possible for his lots. Of course with better scores comes better pay so the benefit is obvious to make a living as a coffee grower. This specific lot is depulped and put to ferment in closed plastic bags for 2.5 days in a controlled environment. Cleber is aware things can go wrong when prolonging fermentation times so that’s why he carries on this way allowing him to keep his coffee out of the over fermented/sour terrain. He has plans for natural processing and even more prolonged fermentation in his mind for the coming years and also is very interested in exotic varieties: he now has seedlings and small plants of Gesha, Caturra and Obata which according to him adapt greatly to the high altitude and cold temperatures on his farm. 

Cleber currently handles the farm with his dad but also gets help from neighbours when needed. Cleber counts on the support of his wife (with whom he has 2 kids) who is in charge of the different animals on the farm (poultry, cows, guinea pigs). Cleber is a great example of a new generation of farmers from Cajamarca, ambitious, eager to try new fermentation methods and get to the top of the game in terms of quality in Peru and we couldn’t be happier with the results his coffee is having.

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