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Location: Sector El Campo community, Callayuc, Cajamarca department
Landed: December 2021
Altitude: 2,000 masl
Varietal: Caturra & Bourbon
Process: Extended fermentation washed
Flavour profile: Raspberry sorbet & juicy blood orange
Category: Sweet & Balanced

When Pepe Davila and Celestinda Valdivia got engaged 28 years ago, they not only decided to give each other the opportunity to start a beautiful family, but they also decided to give coffee-growing a chance, which in those years was not as common as it is now. Neither of them came from coffee-growing families, however, they had seen in neighbouring communities how well it grew and the market it had. So, Pepe asked his brother for a 0.5 hectare of land where they planted their first coffee plants, while in parallel they also formed their family.

Years later, Celestinda and Pepe had 6 children who were taught to grow coffee. These days, 4 of their children have their respective families and coffee represents their main source of income for all of them. This family started with 0.5 ha of coffee on borrowed land, but today they have about 10 hectares of good quality pure coffee grown with great effort and respect for the environment.

Celestinda tells us that in addition to coffee, her family also grows cane sugar to produce “yonque”, a strong alcohol that is very popular in the north of the country. They produce 25 “botijas” (approx. 35 litres per “botija”, 875 litres in total!) a year which are sold to neighbouring communities and provinces. Doesn't it sound interesting to spend a relaxing day with Pepe and Celestinda? In addition to sharing their delicious coffee they can spare a glass or two of their home made “yonque”!

(In partnership with Cultivar Coffees)