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Location: Todosantarita Cooperative, Huehuetenango
Landed: May 2024
Altitude: 1,350 - 1,650 masl
Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon, Marsellesa & Typica
Process: Washed
Flavour profile: Greengage plum, date & nougat
Category: Chocolatey & Smooth

Free shipping over £32. Buy 2x250g bags and get 50%off your third one.

Todosantarita stands for "All Saints" and refers to the infamous 1st November celebration of Saints that are centralised around a yearly horse race.

Huehuetenango is a municipality in the Western highlands of Guatemala, running up to the border with Mexico and encompassing a lot of microclimates across its hill and valleys. Members of Todosantarita cooperative are based in San Antonio Huista on the hills of the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes, the highest non-volcanic mountain range in Central America. 

In March 1986, 17 people created a group that was the precursor to Dosantarita and with the help and expertise of Fedecocagua, Todosantarita cooperative was formally set up 6 years later. Since its inception they have been able to improve infrastructure with the building and/or repair of roads, and this also led to a school, library, clinic and drinking water improvements. The Cooperative now consists of 131 members.

Recent challenges have been presented to the group in the form of increased costs of fertilisers, up to three times pre-pandemic costs, as well as a drop in available pickers at harvest time. The higher C market price drivening up prices has somewhat saved them this year, though the future is very much under watchful eyes.  There is a general deficit of young workers coming through, as it is easier to earn better money abroad and send it back to support the family. The cooperative having a relatively young age of 50, a 20% member representation between 22 and 35 is a heartening sign.




Grano De Oro is an example of a farm contributing to Todosantarita. Grano De Oro is owned by Cipriano Mendoza who is also a technician with the Todosantarita cooperative. As such, you would expect to see some of the best practices employed at his farm, and they are.

Stumping is the preferred method of tree renovation, and here that can mean trees will grow up to 15 years before they are cut back. Best productivity though is to be found between 4-6 years of new growth. 

Being a part of Mam culture which marries more western practices on the farm, pruning is often conducting in line with lunar cycles. This also affects planting, with the plants internal water systems being affect by the moon's phase. When the water  is at the base of the plant, it is thought the plant is best set for recovery from any action, and so is when stumping, planting or pruning occurs.




Another farm contributing to Todosantarita is La Mandarina owned by Victoriano Perez Pablo. Dom Victoriano is unusual in the area in that he is a single child who owns 5 plots in total. Customarily farms are split between family members of each generation, but without any siblings he has inherited them all. La Mandarina houses the wet mill, where cherries from other plots Los Pinos, El Limon, El Aguacatal and El Chaloum are brought for processing.


Don Victoriano hires 10 pickers for the harvest, picking on average 2 quintiles of cherry per day. The fruit is then. washed and floaters removed and is pulped. There is dry tank fermentation that occurs for 24 hours before some more washing and channel separation. Finally, the parchmentment coffee is patio dried for 4-8 days depending on the weather.


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