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Outstanding coffee does not just appear.
The incredible journey of the bean all the way to your cup is guided by hundreds of hardworking human beings. Let’s talk about all the smallholder farmers, pickers, agricultural workers, producers, co-operatives, exporters; then there are traders and importers, people involved in logistic and administration, quality controllers, roasters and baristas and then there is you, at the end of its journey.
Even though we think the coffee’s journey is rather breath-taking, there is no magic behind it.

We believe that behind everything we do, there’s collective effort. Sharing and learning together became one of our greatest values and it extends to our everyday life. The great privilege of enjoying all the extraordinary coffees out there shouldn’t be exclusive therefore we want to make this special coffee experience accessible to everyone. There is no greater joy really!


When we started the company in October 2012, little we knew about actual coffee roasting. We knew that coffee can taste incredibly sweet & juicy when its distinctive flavours are highlighted, and that people will come and try our product if we smile and make them feel welcome and appreciated. Speciality shouldn't be exclusive, it's about sharing experience, exchange of conversations.

A lot changed since then. Our company has grown over the years with people adding their valuable skills and knowledge, but our key values stay the same. We roast wonderful coffees grown by superstar farmers, we smile at our customers (lots of them became friends over the years) and we appreciated the opportunity to do what we love.