Campbell & Syme is a specialty coffee roastery and coffee shop located in and out of London.

Our main focus is not to compromise on quality, seasonality & customer service. Outstanding coffee does not just appear. There are many hardworking human beings involved in the process – smallholder farmers, pickers, producers, co-operatives, traders, importers and lastly the roasters & baristas. There is no magic behind it. It is a great privilege for us to be able to work with the best raw material and have the opportunity to highlight its natural qualities. In order to do so we ensure we pay a premium above the cost of production which also enables our importers to support projects at origin which improves the quality of life and gives an opportunity to those who are much less well off than us. It also ensures a better wage for the farmers & pickers that live in 50 of the world’s poorest countries and hardly have any other option how to provide for their families.


Joe Syme and his mum Patricia started the company with a main focus – to serve specialty coffee roasted to bring out its best qualities and to provide the customers of East Finchley wonderful experience in a setting everyone always feels welcome. The company has grown over the years with people adding their valuable skills and knowledge to make us the business we are today. Our growing team currently consists of 8 dedicated, passionate and unique people who work tirelessly to roast and serve the best coffee possible.