Campbell & Syme is a specialty coffee roastery and coffee shop located in and out of London.
Our main focus is not to compromise on quality of the coffee, its seasonality and to make the special coffee experience accessible to everyone as we believe that the great privilege of enjoying so many wonderful coffees need to be shared!
Outstanding coffee does not just appear. There are many hardworking human beings involved in the process – smallholder farmers, pickers, producers, co-operatives, traders, importers and lastly the roasters & baristas. There is no magic behind it.
It's not just all about the great coffee. We provide support to our wholesale family in order to achieve their goals and most importantly to help them run a sustainable business, the kind of business that is going to be here in 10 or more years. We value long term relationships and we are always excited to welcome a new member into our coffee family!


We are aware that as a growing business we have also growing environmental & social responsibility. Our planet and its people are all we depend on. We are committed to make our team proud of what we’ve achieved in the future rather than ashamed of what we’ve done to our planet. We need to change our ways. Here are some of our partners who help us on our journey.
We've been working with Bio-bean who recycle our used coffee grounds to transform the (otherwise) waste product into coffee logs, coffee pellets (used in biomass boilers to generate heat and energy) and into biodiesel for some of the London buses. By recycling the waste coffee grounds, we release 80% fewer emissions than sending the grounds to landfill.
All our parcels are sent by DPD CO2 Neutral service. DPD has developed detailed understanding of their emission in last 5 years by measuring their carbon footprint. Where unavoidable CO2 is produced, DPD will offset the emissions through their carbon reduction projects.
Every year we take part in UK Coffee Week to fundraise for Project Waterfall which is a charitable initiative bringing clean water, sanitation and education to coffee-growing communities across the world. Since 2011 Project Waterfall has raised over £1 million, changing over 37,000 lives in Nicaragua, Tanzania, Rwanda, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. This year’s UK Coffee Week will continue to raise funds for Project Waterfall’s ongoing work in the rural Jabi Tehnan district of Ethiopia.
We became members of No2Plastics group to reduce plastic waste from high streets and to help our North London community become greener and more sustainable. All food waste from our café & roastery is being weekly collected and composted and we gather all leftover coffee (from quality control samples, test roast, samples from importers, etc.) and donate it to Muswell Hill soup kitchen. We have also introduced reusable tubs instead of single use bags to our wholesale family & reusable tins for our local customers.
We know it might not be enough but it’s a start.


Joe Syme and his mum Patricia started the company with a main focus – to serve specialty coffee roasted to bring out its best qualities and to provide the customers of East Finchley wonderful experience in a setting everyone always feels welcome & appreciated. The company has grown over the years with people adding their valuable skills and knowledge to make us the business we are today. Our growing team currently consists of 8 dedicated, passionate and unique people who work tirelessly to roast and serve great coffee & try to make impact on people's lives.