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Location: Gitega Cell, Cyanika
Landed: March 2024
Altitude: 1,740 masl
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural
Flavour profile: Peach, passion fruit & black tea
Category: Fruity & Juicy

Gitega Hills, located just 12km from Bwenda in the Cyanika sector, is a coffee processing station managed by Alex since its establishment in 2016.

Situated higher up at an astonishing 1740 meters above sea level and adjacent to a disused quartz quarry, the station spans approximately 6 hectares and is closely tied to the small town of Miko. The name "Gitega" not only denotes the coffee processing station but also encompasses the surrounding land cell, a smaller administrative unit within a larger sector.

This station has become a prominent figure in the area, contributing significantly to the local community by providing employment opportunities for local workers. The positive impact of Gitega Hills is emphasised by Alex, the manager, who has been steering the station toward success since its inception, under the enlightened guide of owner Bernard.

Noteworthy developments include an expansion of the drying space, adding 60 new raised beds for a total of 180 beds. Modernisation efforts involved replacing old wooden beds with durable concrete posts, a decision prompted by the longevity of concrete compared to wood. Despite the higher cost, the investment was deemed worthwhile, supported by the station's relationship with RTC.

Gitega Hills has made improvements to water treatment, implementing a natural system with the support of Technoserve. This system filters acidic residues without the need for Lime and EM, benefiting the environment. The discharged water is channelled to a specific plot at the bottom of the station where Vetiver grass acts as a natural filter, utilising the substances as nutrients.

The nursery at Gitega struggles to meet the demand for coffee seedlings, distributing 140,000 before the 2023 season and planning further distributions. Positive developments include the registration of 100 new farmers in addition to the already registered 1040 during the current harvest, contributing to the success of the station and expanding participation in the ATP program with RTC.

In addition to the station's reception, there are 40 collection sites in the surrounding hills, varying in distance. Closer locations deliver multiple times a day, while farther sites deliver once a day, facilitated by a pickup trucks collecting cherries from all of them.

Bernard and his team maintain a strong bond with local communities, financing Community Healthcare organisations across their three stations (Gitega, Bwenda, and Ibisi). Notably, Gitega initiated a pilot project pushing farmers to adopt more organic fertiliser by supporting the purchase of cows. This not only produces dung for organic fertiliser but also provides a constant milk supply to households, with surplus milk being sold to generate extra income.


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