CALDONO, COLOMBIA (sugarcane decaf)
CALDONO, COLOMBIA (sugarcane decaf)

CALDONO, COLOMBIA (sugarcane decaf)

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Location: Caldono, Cauca
Process: Fully washed, sugarcane E.A. decaffeinated
Cultivar: Caturra & Castillo & Tabi
Altitude: 1,550 - 1,800 masl
Flavour profile: Milk chocolate, peanut brittle & candied pecan

All coffee was harvested at full ripeness and processed traditionally as washed coffee. On average, cherries were depulped and the coffee was fermented dry for an average duration of 20 hours, washed 4 times, then placed in a parabolic dryer for an average period of 6-7 days.

Once milled, the coffee underwent the Sugarcane E.A. decaffeination process.